World Photography Day 2022: Theme, Quotes and Wishes to Share on August 19

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words. “

World Photography Day is celebrated on August 19 every year. The day focuses on the art, craft and science of photography. Celebrate how an image captures the essence, emotion and atmosphere of a moment.

The first permanent photograph of an object was taken by Frenchman Joseph Nicephore Niepce in 1826.

  • “Your first 10,000 photos are the worst.” -Henri Cartier-Bresson
  • “Photography is a way of feeling, touching, loving. What you capture on film is captured forever. Remember little things long after you’ve forgotten everything.” – Aaron Siskind
  • “If the words get unclear, I will focus on the photos. When the images become inadequate, I’ll settle for silence.” -Ansel Adams
  • “Photography is the art of making memories tangible.” – Fate spark.
  • “Photographs are just light and time.” -Aza Holmes
  • “Usually you look at a photo, you rarely look inside.” -Ansel Adams
  • “The painter builds, the photographer reveals”. -Susan Sunday
  • “Photography is like tiptoeing into the kitchen late at night and stealing Oreo cookies.” -Diana Arbus

World photography day greetings

  • A photograph has the power to explain what even words cannot explain. Happy World Photography Day.
  • On the occasion of World Photography Day, we are turning this hobby of photography into a passion for photography.
  • Photos can capture even the most beautiful moments.
  • You have to click thousands of negative images to finally click a good one. Happy World Photography Day.
  • On this Photography Day, have fun, celebrate, and click your best shots because you’re meant to show the world what you’ve got. Happy World Photography Day 2022.
  • Photos aren’t just for fun, they reflect your personality. On this World Photography Day, be yourself and create as many memories as possible because time is precious.
  • Clicking pictures is the best way to capture beautiful moments and events that you will love forever. Happy World Photography Day.
  • There is nothing more satisfying and motivating than capturing Mother Nature and her wondrous beauty on camera. Happy photo day!

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