The Zwigato Movie Starring Kapil Sharma Lost The Producer’s Money And Made Only 0.25 Cr

Once again delivering bad news, comedy king Kapil Sharma’s Zwigato film has made social media laugh at itself. On March 17, 2023, Kapil’s movie premiered at that time and entered theaters. Which involves being brutally assaulted. Even Kapil’s fans, it seems, prefer to watch him exclusively on TV shows rather than in movies.

The Zwigato Movie Starring Kapil Sharma Lost The Producer's Money And Made Only 0.25 Cr Shift Learning - Latest News Information, Entertainment, Sports, Viral

 Zwigato Hui Flop By Kapil Sharma.

 Kapil Sharma made the decision to put his hard work into action on Friday and released his movie Zwigato. Kapil and his friends had high expectations for this movie because of the hard work he had put in over the previous year, which was discovered in the soil. The movie is so damaged that only 7,500RS were collected on Wednesday.

 Zwigato Movie Library Of Kapil Sharma

 The Flop Feel Zwigato Box Office Total

 The biggest flop to date, according to many, is Kapil Sharma’s movie. According to the review, Zwigato is currently the biggest box office dud in the Hindi film industry. While the year 2023, if observed, has produced blockbuster hits that have set incredible records.

Kapil Sharma Ki Zwigato

Kapil Sharma Ki Zwigato

Day Of Collection            Rupee

First Day Collection     Rs. 0.43 cr.

Second Day Collection    Rs. 0.62 Cr

Third-Day Collection       Rs. 0.79 cr.

Fourth Day Collection     Rs. 0.25

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