The 12 Best DIY Manicure Kits Tested And Reviewed For 2023

12 Best DIY Manicure Kits Tested 2023

I’ll be honest: I totally fuck with fake nails. Not only are they cheaper, easier, and faster than traditional manicures, but modern false nails are also so realistic that they fool almost everyone around me into thinking they are glossy. Don’t get me wrong, I still love giving myself a *regular* manicure at a real salon, but I’m scared of the stripping process (see: tons of nail polish remover). So when I want a homemade manicure to last without nicks, chips and not require the steady hand of an art specialist, I always go for false nails.

The 12 Best DIY Manicure Kits Tested And Reviewed For 2023 Shift Learning - Latest News Information, Entertainment, Sports, Viral

That said, some false nail kits are perfectly legal…it sucks. That’s why I not only tested a dozen false nails at home to give you a completely honest and real review, but I also enlisted the help and expertise of celebrated nail technician Julie Kandalek (false nail expert). ) to tell us all there is to know about false nails below.

FYI: We updated this article in January 2023 to bring you the most up-to-date information about false nails, including some tests we’ve personally tested, how to apply them, and how to choose the best set. overlays. -on nails for myself.

The 12 Best DIY Manicure Kits Tested And Reviewed For 2023 Shift Learning - Latest News Information, Entertainment, Sports, Viral

Our Top Pick Of The Best False Nails In 2023:

The Best Press Nails For Every Day

Kiss Be-You-Tiful Elegant trendy manicure

Read more

$6 on amazon

The Best Shape Of Nails

Static Nails Minmond Toasted Sugar Pop-On Reusable Manicure Set

Read more


French Press Nails In Better Colors

PaintLab press on nails in apple green

Read more

$15 on Amazon

Best Classic French Press Nails

Glamorous nail print from Ma Damn

Read more

$15 on Amazon

The Best Durable Fake Nails

TheNailest Instant Luxury Acrylic Press on Nails Stardust Medium

Read more

$20 on ETSY

So, since I’ve become the unofficial expert — and consulted an actual expert — on all things fake nails in 2023, let’s move on to the fun part: 12 of the Best Fake Nails, From Drugstore to Expensive, Plus How to Choose the best set. how to apply them like a pro and so much more.

The Best Press Nails For Every Day

Kiss Be-You-Tiful Stylish trendy nails

6 dollars on amazon

6 dollars to Walmart

Looks like your natural nails but better

Lightweight Construction Can Get Dirty Quickly

These Kiss prints were the set I was able to try myself – I love the good drugstore option and it’s by far the best budget option (the most expensive set is only $12). This Kiss set lasted a week and a half before some renegade nails needed repairs. Essentially, these overlays are a great budget option that will make people think that (1) you’re fine and (2) you’re a regular upscale salon.

The 12 Best DIY Manicure Kits Tested And Reviewed For 2023 Shift Learning - Latest News Information, Entertainment, Sports, Viral

Nails Included: 28

Tools included: nail glue, nail file, cuticle stick.

Reusable: no

OVERVIEW: “Kissing improves the look of their nails and they definitely look like polygel – they’re thicker at the top and thinner near the cuticle, making them look incredibly natural,” says one review.

Best Nail Shape

Reusable manicure set Static Nails Minmond Pop-On Toasted Sugar




Super reliable app

Very sticky

Say hello to the most chic and beautiful nail design. The color is normal *chef’s kiss* and I’m dying from the shape. I mean, I don’t think they can get any better. Trust me when I say these BBs will be my daily choice from now on.

Nails included: 24

Tools included: nail glue, storage tray, buffer, file

Reusable: yes

REVIEW: “I had to write this review because I’ve tried every type of pressure nail…and there is NOBODY that compares! Static nails last a long time and don’t break even when I do housework. I love it. I can take them off and put them back on for shorter use. They really change the rules of the game and I will only wear this brand from now on. Thank you!” read the review.

Best Colored French Nail Print

Paintlab Paint On Nails In Apple Green


$13 for JCPENNEY

$7 at MACY’S

The included adhesive is damn strong

Can be tricky to customize the shape due to the design

These shorter, almond shaped, green nail french presses are perfect for a casual yet fun and easy manicure! A bright green stripe lines these arms, and they’re short enough to not get knocked off during day-to-day activities.

Nails included: 24

Tools included: nail glue, nail file, preparation pad, cuticle stick.

Reusable: yes

REVIEW: “They lasted over three weeks on me. Since I receive packages at work, I open them with my nails and they didn’t even come off. other things], which usually require a tool, but these suction cups are left. I swear this glue is cement and when it came time to take my nails off, my nails didn’t chip or anything. I am so impressed with the durability,” wrote one reviewer.

Best Classic French Press Nails

Glamor nail press at Ma Damn



reusable nails

You may need to buy a stronger nail glue.

There is nothing more classic than a good old French manicure. If you have a special event coming up and are in desperate need of an idle manicure (or just want pretty nails), this set is just the thing for you. I had the opportunity to personally test these bbs at a friend’s wedding and they were absolutely amazing. I lost one three days after applying but a quick dab of nail glue fixed it and they lasted another week!

Nails included: 24

Tools included: nail glue, nail file, cuticle stick, alcohol pad.

Reusable: yes

REVIEW: “These false nails are my favorite,” writes one tester, adding, “They are super easy to apply and the color adapts to everything I wear.”

Best Durable Press Nails

TheNailest Instant Luxury Acrylic Press on Nails Stardust Medium

$20 for ETSY

Nails are thickened at stress points to help prevent breakage.

Very long, so it can be difficult to complete daily tasks if you don’t complete the file.

I was able to test these nails for myself: the set is easy to cut (personally, I can’t do very long nails because I can’t type, but you can) and they fit my nail bed perfectly, with no wobbly gaps or protrusions. (largely thanks to the size chart on the site). I chose a ready-to-ship kit that can cost anywhere from $10 to $18 and was delighted.

Nails included: 30

Tools included: nail glue, nail file, cuticle stick, two sheets of nail tabs.

Reusable: yes

REVIEW: “Beautiful beautiful beautiful,” says one review. “It arrived promptly, beautifully and carefully packaged: it included a small hand scrub and all necessary tools/accessories for application,” reads another.


Glamnetic Press On Nails in Groovy Green

$22 on Amazon

Reusable design

Nail designs vary in price.

Yes, these false nails are what you would order from a salon and pay a ridiculous amount. So, I understand when I tell you they cost $22, you are a little shocked. The set includes 30 nails of different sizes, which can be reused.

Nails included: 30

Tools included: nail glue, nail file, cuticle stick, alcohol pad.

Reusable: yes

REVIEW: “They are amazing,” writes one reviewer, adding that “they lasted a very long time and look exactly as pictured.”

The Best Colored Printed Nails

Glamorous Diva Happy Medium

$9 on amazon


Easy to adjust according to your nail size

You need glue or they won’t really last

My friends are obsessed with these fake nails, and for good reason: They’re incredibly cheap and incredibly good, as long as you use glue. So of course I had to try them. While, yes, you can only glue them on with glue, I’ve found that they last a day or two at most without glue. While not my favorite nail in terms of durability, this vibrant color is so trendy and the natural shape will last longer than Kylie Jenner’s nail. Besides, they are! Hell! Accessible!

Nails included: 30

Tools included: nail file, alcohol wipe.

Reusable: Not really

REVIEW: “Application was easy and the results are wonderful—I added extra adhesive for extra support,” says one review.

The Best Bases For Pressing The Nail

Lala Nail Press On The Nail Tips

$7 on amazon

natural length

Not the most durable

These purple shimmer nails are perfect for someone who wants a bold color but isn’t ready for long nails. As they are not long, they can be glued to the natural nail without glue using the included adhesive tabs. However, if you’re like me and don’t trust yourself, I would personally add a dab of nail glue.

Nails included: 16

Reusable: No

REVIEW: “At first glance, I thought they were a nice color and the nail was strong and light,” writes one reviewer, adding that they fit perfectly.

Better Nail Length

Chillhouse Editor-In-Chill Chill Tips Press-On Nails

$16 outstanding

Great length for every day

Lighter colors may show further wear over time.

Funky, geometric shapes are all the rage if you haven’t figured it out yet, and Chillhouse false nails are salon quality. After testing them myself, I can attest that they are long lasting and the *perfect* length – neither too long nor too short.

Nails included: 24

Tools included: double-sided buffer and nail file, cuticle stick, nail glue.

Reusable: yes

REVIEW: “I loved this retro print,” writes one tester, adding, “The nails were easy to attach—I didn’t need as much glue, which helped when I took them off, too. I liked everything about them, but I think they get a little dirty just because they are lighter in colour!”

The Best Nail Stickers

Moneyme Pino, Please?


ultra realistic

It will not add length

IDK on you, but already planning my IG feed by watching these bbs. The deep color is perfect for a moody vibe, and the stellar design is damn cool. These are actually nail stickers, which are sticky material that mimics the gel manicure you get at the salon. Just prep your nail with the included prep pad, stick them on, and file off the excess!

Nails included: 18 or 15 if you adjust them to your nail size at checkout (very easy!)

Reusable: No

REVIEW: “This design exceeded my expectations and looked better than online,” writes one reviewer, adding, “I wore them for nine days and only took them off because I was ready for a new design!”

The Best Handmade Printed Nails

Papayanailbar Black Swirl Press On Nails

$35 for ETSY

Reusable and handmade

Delivery takes longer as they are made to order

Although these push nails will set you back $35, they are definitely worth the price. Not only are they completely handmade and one of a kind with one of the most lush designs, but they are also custom made, which means you can choose from short, medium and long nails to suit your personal nail needs. Set includes 20 nails, nail glue, nail file, alcohol pad and cuticle pusher.

Nails included: 10

Tools included: nail glue, nail file, cuticle stick, alcohol pad.

Reusable: yes

REVIEW: “These nails are so beautiful. This was my first time applying nail glue myself and I really appreciate how intuitive the included instructions were,” writes one tester, adding that they fully recommend them.

Best Push Nails On Etsy

Eszakka Milky Star False Nails

$25 for ETSY

The quality is A+ everywhere.

Delivery may take a little longer

As. extravagant. Cute. We. These. Nail?! ES Zakka, the Etsy brand behind these little star bbs, has received over 720 reviews, earning it a perfect 5-star rating. So basically you should try them. The set includes 24 gel nails, your choice of glue or glue, a mini nail file, a wooden cuticle stick, a prep cleaning pad, aa and a customized gift box.

Nails included: 24

Tools included: nail glue, nail tabs, nail file, cuticle stick, alcohol pad, customized gift box.

Reusable: yes

REVIEW: “Always impeccable quality from these girls,” writes one tester, adding that “each nail set is so perfect and I love the pretty packaging.”

How Are False Nails Applied?

Applying fake nails is a relatively simple task, but there are a few important tips to help make your fake nail as ~real~ as possible. Kandalek explains it for us:

Trim or file your natural nails shorter so that the tips hold better and are not visible before applying false nails.

Wash your hands with soap and water, remove all polish, lightly buff your nails to improve adhesion, and treat your nails with 91% isopropyl alcohol.

Match the presser nail to the size of the nail bed and that’s the key, curvature. Make sure the nail does not need to be pressed or it will come off prematurely!

Using a nail file, shape each nail so that it fits the nail plate from all sides. This is very important if you want the kit to last a long time.

Cover the entire nail with glue or adhesive tape one at a time.

Align the false nail along the cuticle line, apply to the cuticle at an angle down and press firmly for 20-30 seconds. If any glue protrudes from the sides, immediately remove it with a cuticle stick.

Which False Nails Last The Longest?

The key to making false nails stay in place for a long time is to fit them properly. “Using a nail that doesn’t go into the arc, also known as the tip of the nail, will cause it to come off too quickly if it lasts,” Kandalek says. He recommends trimming the nail to size and tapering the edges to fit.

As mentioned above, “always make sure you rinse your nails with 91% alcohol before applying the nail tips, and apply enough nail glue to your nails to keep them longer.” Kandalek explains that with proper application and care, onlays can last up to two weeks, adding that they typically last five to ten days.

How To Choose The Best Nail Print:

Choose a style

The best sets of fake nails depend on what shape and style of nails you are going for (like coffin nails, stiletto nails, short nails, long nails, etc.) and how much you want the fake nails to hold. “on your real nails. If you are looking for a no-commitment and easy-to-remove option, then adhesive-backed glue-free nails are a great option. However, it would be remiss not to warn you that these types of nails can easily fall off. Therefore, if you don’t necessarily want walking around with half a set of nails, I would buy the ones that require nail glue.

Know How To Remove Them Properly

If you choose nail glue, keep in mind that the removal process can damage your nails, just like the acrylics, powder and gel you find in the salon. “Always be sure to remove

Soak your nails in warm soapy water for 10-15 minutes. If it’s reusable nails, avoid acetone as it can ruin them.

Use a wooden cuticle scraper if you want to reuse your nails or a metal cuticle scraper if they are disposable and gently lift the pad around the nail bed and cuticles.

Keep wetting your nails if they don’t move. Repeat this process until they all come off – wipe off any excess glue.

Apply cuticle oil and additional nail strengthener to condition nails after removal.

Need a view? I see. Check out this Kandalec fake nail removal guide.

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