Onlive Server: The Best Web VPS Server Ukraine for High Performance

Onlive Server is an internet hosting service that allows you to set up a powerful web server with all your favourite apps. As a cloud-based application hosting company, it offers an easy and quick way for you to host your website or blog. You don’t have to program in any code and worry about setting everything up for yourself. It provides ready-made templates and various apps to help you handle your site easily.

Ukraine VPS Server is a virtual private server hosted on the cloud. It’s a virtual hardware environment that allows your business to have its dedicated hardware without buying it. With a VPS, you can have more control over your server and use it for anything you need. VPS hosting is the best choice for small businesses and startups because it has all the features of a regular server, with the added benefits of being much cheaper than buying a dedicated server or an entire hosting plan for your website.

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Advantages of Using a VPS Server in Ukraine

1. The best web hosting server in Ukraine can give you the flexibility to adapt your website to the needs of your business. With a VPS server, you will install the latest version of software and hardware on your server, so your website will always be up-to-date and ready for use.

2. A VPS server in Ukraine can provide you with dedicated resources that are not shared with other websites hosted on the same physical machine. Every time you visit a page on your website, it’s guaranteed to load faster than if I hosted it on shared resources using shared hosting accounts.

3. Another advantage of using a VPS server is that it allows you to install additional applications and services without worrying about impacts on other websites hosted on the same physical machine as yours. This can help improve performance by allowing you to add new features without redesigning or rebuilding your entire website from scratch!

4. You can also benefit from increased security when using a VPS host because there are multiple layers of protection between your data and potential hackers!

Speed and Advantages

1. Speed

The speed of the web hosting server is one of the most important factors when choosing a web hosting provider. If you want to share your website with users worldwide, it is necessary to have a fast web hosting server. It offers the best performance for your websites, ensuring that all page loads are processed quickly and smoothly.

2. Affordable Price

It offers high-quality services at an affordable price. You can benefit from our low prices and choose any plan that suits your needs! With our service, you will host multiple websites on one account, which makes it possible to save money on your server costs by sharing resources between the servers.

Control and Customization

The Control Panel is the place where you can manage your server. You can create, edit and delete users and sites and install software on the server. Also, you can configure your account with different email addresses, administrator privileges, and more.

Server Management

The Server Management tool allows you to monitor your virtual server performance in real time. It provides detailed information about the machine’s CPU, memory, and disk usage. You can also check the amount of RAM your VPS needs to run smoothly. This tool has two primary tabs: Network Activity and Disk Activity.

Server Statistics:

The Statistics tab shows all statistics about your virtual server, including CPU Load Average, Memory Usage, Swap Space Usage, and I/O Operations Per Second, graphically displayed by colours!


It is a scalable web hosting solution. It gives you the freedom to choose a server that fits your needs. We installed the servers with the latest versions of Linux, and Onlive Server fully manages them. So, no costs are involved if you want to upgrade your server.

Optimal Performance:

Optimize your website’s performance and speed up your site by using a web server in Ukraine, where the web hosting is located. We optimized our network for fast loading, high-speed access to your site, and reliable performance.

High-Speed Access:

Our VPS server in Ukraine ensures that you have a fast and reliable connection to your website or application. You will not experience slow connection times on our servers, and we do not limit the number of connections per IP address to ensure that you can simultaneously connect as many users as you want.

DDoS Protection:

The best VPS server in Ukraine also has DDoS protection. We use advanced algorithms that block all traffic from malicious sources before it reaches your server so that there are no interruptions during normal operations. A DDoS attack can seriously affect your business if left unchecked, so you must have an effective protection system against these attacks.

SSH Root Access

SSH root access is an essential feature of any web hosting account. This feature allows you to log in to the server through SSH and perform administrative tasks like installing the operating system, software, or scripts. If you have SSH root access, your web hosting account will be more valuable and efficient than other non-root accounts.

Technical Support

Technical support is a significant factor for any web hosting. You need to know that we will fix your site in case of any problems. We have technical support 24/7, so you can get instant help from our team whenever you need it.

What Do Their Customers Say About Them?

We have looked at several most popular VPS providers in Ukraine and found that Onlive Server is one of the best overall. Their prices are competitive, their servers are reliable, and they offer comprehensive features. If you are looking for a good, quality Cheap VPS Server in Ukraine, this could be it!

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