Kanjhawala Case Live: SIT Formed to Investigate, Team Will Work Under DCP Supervision

Delhi Girl Accident Case at Kanjhawal Live: New facts are constantly coming to the fore in Kanjhawal Girl Accident Case Live, Delhi. A preliminary investigation of the defendant’s car showed that the girl was stuck in the left front wheel of the car. The defendant will appear in court today.

Formation Of The SIT To Investigate This Case

The Outer District Police formed the SIT to investigate the Kanjhawala case. The SIT will operate under the control of the DCP.

Anjali was seen riding a scooter on CCTV cameras.

A senior official from the Outer District said police received CCTV footage from the crash site in Kishan Vihar a few days ago. Here you can see that Anjali leads shooties. Nidhi sits behind him. The police are scanning the recordings from all surveillance cameras installed on the 13-kilometer section.

Nidhi Told About What Had Happened The Next Day – A Neighbor

Nidhi’s neighbor says that the next morning, Nidhi told everyone that she had been in an accident. But she did not say that after the incident, she fled the place and returned to her house. Neighbors are also unhappy with Nidhi’s move. Neighbors say that Nidhi should have helped her friend, perhaps she would have escaped from her.

Kanjhawala Case Live: SIT Formed to Investigate, Team Will Work Under DCP Supervision Shift Learning - Latest News Information, Entertainment, Sports, Viral

Nidhi Was In A Hurry

The neighbor said that when Nidhi returned home, three or four people were stoking the fire. One such person said, on condition of anonymity, that Nidhi knocked on the gate of her house for the first time. When the gate did not open, she approached him. She was in a hurry. Her cell phone was turned off. Nidhi asks him for a mobile phone charger. After that, she went to her home.

Nidhi Was Seen Asking A Neighbor For A Mobile Phone Charger.

CCTV footage of the incident in Sultanpuri emerged on Wednesday. One of them is next to the house of Anjali Nidhi’s friend. In which Nidhi asks a neighbor for a mobile phone charger while another is near the scene of the accident. Here Anjali is riding a scooter and her friend Nidhi is sitting behind her on a scooter. Sultanpuri police station took both CCTV footage. The police are sending both videos and other materials for investigation.

Nirbhaya’s mother, Asha Devi, said, “A family member should get a job as soon as possible.”

Nirbhaya’s mother, Asha Devi, said she asked the authorities to investigate the matter and provide financial support to the family. Relatives need to get a job as soon as possible. I don’t blame anyone, but I don’t support what the girl (Nidhi) said in her statement.

The Victim’s Family Brought Serious Allegations Against Nidhi.

In a traffic accident in Kanjhawala, the victim’s family made serious allegations against Nidhi, a friend of the deceased. The family filed a murder case against Nidhi. The family claimed that Anjali had been murdered and that Nidhi was also involved somewhere.

CCTV Footage After Nidhi Got Home

In Sultanpuri’s case, the CCTV footage of Nidhi, an eyewitness to the incident, came to the fore after he reached his home. These shots clearly show Nidhi entering the house on the run. She arrived home that night around 13:30.

The FSL Team Arrived To Check The Defendant’s Car

The FSL arrived at the Sultanpuri police station to investigate the car under which Anjali was dragged for several kilometers and later died.

This is nothing but cruelty: Sisodia

After meeting with the deceased’s family, Deputy Prime Minister Manish Sisodia said it was cruelty. The daughter was the only breadwinner. Mom is sick. KM also spoke yesterday. The government will provide comprehensive treatment. The government allocates 10 million dollars. The family has requested the occupation of one person. We asked relatives for documents. The family is poor, so they have approached the company, the MLA and public figures with a request to help everyone.

The Delhi Government Will Treat The Girl’s Mother

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said the incident was very sad. Today I met my family. All that is required for the treatment of the girl’s mother will be done by the Delhi Government. The prime minister announced that the government could provide assistance in the amount of 10 lakhs.

Sisodia Will Give A Job To An Anjali Family Member

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia met with the Anjali family. He was accompanied by Sanjay Singh and Saurabh Bhardwaj. During this, he announced that the Delhi government would give a job to a member of the Anjali family.

U-Turned Four Times

The defendants knew they had run over the girl on a scooter. He bumped the girl two or three times, rocking the car back and forth. The defendant saw the girl’s hand jerk after having dragged her for two and a half kilometers. The defendant had a feeling that something was stuck in the car. Looking out, he saw her hand. But when they saw the RCC in the way, they started dragging the girl again.

The car made a U-turn more than four times to knock the girl over. This painful incident happened in just 24 seconds. During this, the vehicle passed through the four police stations of Sultanpuri, Aman Vihar, Prem Nagar and Kanjhawala.

Kanjhawala Case Live: SIT Formed to Investigate, Team Will Work Under DCP Supervision Shift Learning - Latest News Information, Entertainment, Sports, Viral

On The Street Lies The Corpse Of A Woman – A Collar

Then at 4:26 and 4:27 a man named Sahil made two calls to the RCC and said that a woman’s body was lying on the road. There were only 5 RCC vans on this route, but due to the severe challenge, only nine RCC vans were involved, but none of the RCC vans could find the car, as it was assumed it was a foggy night and before the arrival of the PCR. leave. Whereas the PCR response time was ok.

Someone’s Body Is Hanging In The Car: Deepak

According to reports, the first PCR call was received at 2:18pm. Where the person provided information about the incident. The second PCR call received at 2:20 am was also about the incident. This was followed by two PCR calls at around 3:24pm. At the same time, an eyewitness, Deepak, said that someone’s dead body was hanging in the car.

The Kanjhawal Case: Find Out All About Anjali, The Victim Of The Kanjhawal Case.

The Kanjhawala Case: In this article, we will tell you about Anjali, the victim of the Kanjhawala case.

The Kanjhawala Case: Every Indian praises Delhi or Dillavalas, but when it comes to safety, people fear the name of Delhi. For a woman especially, walking alone on a street at night is like fighting in a war.

The recent re-emergence of the Kanjawala case has again made us question the safety of Delhi. This is a matter of the night of December 31st. The girl was returning home by her scooter when a car approached and dragged the girl some distance after crashing into her. The victim’s name was called Anjali who is no longer in this world. Let’s find out.

Where Do You Work?

Anjali is said to have worked part-time. She has worked on various events and weddings. Due to her family responsibilities, her Anjali had to drop out of school only after the 10th grade, after which she also worked in a beauty salon for a while. (These 10 safety rights are a protective shield for women)

Kanjhawala case: Defendant and Nidhi’s statements do not match footage, police may conduct a drug polygraph test

New Delhi, Jagran Correspondent. Kanjhawala’s death case: The murder case of 20-year-old Anjali after she was dragged 11 km by car to Sultanpuri in Delhi is getting more complicated. According to sources, the five defendants in the case and Anjali Nidhi’s girlfriend support their claim, and CCTV footage does not match the claim.

Why Did Nidhi Run Away After The Collision?

In such a situation, the Delhi Police may apply to the court for permission to polygraph and drug test the five defendants and Nidhi. According to police sources, it remains to be seen why Nidhi fled after being hit by a car.

Instead of handing over the car to the owner after the accident, why did the defendant drive around the villages for three hours? Even after sitting together and asking separately, the defendants are firm in their demands. One of the defendants said that a young man sitting in the back seat told Deepak Khanna, who was driving, that something was stuck under the car. Despite this, he was ignored. Therefore, preparations are underway to apply to the court for permission to test on a polygraph and drugs.

No Differences Were Found In The Statements Of Five

The police interrogated the accused Amit Khanna, Deepak Khanna, Mithun, Krishna and Manoj Mittal, sitting together as well as separately. The defendants were also interrogated on Wednesday, but no difference was found in the testimony of the five. A visual transformation has also been made. He was asked more than 50 questions, but he gave the same answers to all of them.

Another Eyewitness Appeared

Another eyewitness spoke about this. Truck driver Amit said he was driving from Mangolpuri to Begumpur on Saturday evening. When he got to Ram Chowk, the truck drove past a car. Some time later, when he was driving past the car and looking at himself in the rear-view mirror, a young woman was hit by a car. They tried to stop the car, but by then the defendant was gone.

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