Ek Villain Returns Day 2: The Situation Of ‘Ek Villain Returns’ Did Not Improve Even On The Second Day, You Know The Complete Hit-Flop Math

We at ‘Amar Ujala.com’ have already said whether the film is a success or a flop, but despite the less-than-expected opening of his new film ‘Ek Villain Returns’, Disha Patani, who distributes laddoos and made social networks before the news of Arjun Kapoor sharing the post in praise of his acting, review this math. The collection of the film “Ek Villain Returns” of the second day is also around the collection of the first day. The amount spent on promotion and advertising (P&A) in addition to the cost of a film, although as long as the prints of the films were sent to theaters, it was considered print and advertising. Now in the digital age it is promotion and advertising. The producer only gets 35 to 40 percent of a movie’s box office earnings, so how many crores the movie ‘Ek Villain Returns’ will earn at the box office, we’ll see in the film’s first box office report. It has been said. Let us explain its complete math to you again.

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Expect to reach 20% of the cost on the first day

According to the latest box office figures, the film “Ek Villain Returns” earned just Rs 7.05 crore on its first day of release on Friday. According to the cost of the film, he should have earned at least eight crores of rupees so that the film could recoup its cost at the box office. The cost of producing, promoting and advertising the film is around Rs 80 crore. To make its debut to a hit, a film must deposit at least 20% of its total cost on the first day of release. As a result, the movie “Ek Villain Returns” came out of the rat race on the very first day.

Disha Patani handed out laddus on the first day

Now let us know what happened to the movie stars on the opening day of the film here in Mumbai. Disha Patani also released laddoos on Friday night after hearing “praise” for playing him in the film. He also tweeted thanks on Twitter. However, on Instagram, where his followers continue to show photos of his body darshan, he hasn’t posted any “posts” since July 4th. Disha Patani, who handed out laddus on the first day earning Rs 7.05 crore, did not celebrate that celebration. The second day of the film’s earnings is not yet known.

Arjun Kapoor’s anonymous praise post

According to preliminary data, the film ‘Ek Villain Returns’ earned around Rs 7.50 crore on the second day of release. Besides Disha Patani, another artist who seems very enthusiastic about this film is Arjun Kapoor. Arjun Kapoor tried to send a message by sharing comments from some anonymous people on Twitter and Instagram that his portrayal of him in the film is brilliant and he is responsible for whatever the box office results of the film. Because John Abraham hasn’t been interested in promoting the film from day one.

The real secret of John Abraham’s silence

John Abraham’s silence on the fate of the film ‘Ek Villain Returns’ matters a lot. John tweeted about the movie’s release on July 29 at around 4pm. He has not tweeted about the film’s collection, nor has he tweeted a thank you to any critic, nor has he shared any pictures in praise of him. Her last post about the film on Instagram is July 16. This film by Tara Sutaria has not gained any special recognition in the public eye so far, so leave her discussion.

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