CWG 2022: Tejaswin Shankar Wins Bronze, India’s First Medal In High Jump

New Delhi, August 4: Tejaswin Shankar, Indian athlete, on Wednesday made the nation proud by winning the bronze medal in the men’s high jump final at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, measuring 2.22 meters tall.

Shankar tied for first place in the men’s high jump with former world champion and CWG Donald Thomas of the Bahamas, but the Indian athlete prevailed because he committed fewer fouls.

On the return, the national record holder traversed 2.22 meters and finished third. Joel Clarke-Khan of England and Donald Thomas of the Bahamas also managed 2.22 meters but both needed more than one attempt while Shankar needed just one.

In two attempts, Shankar (23) failed at the 2.25 meter mark. In his third and final attempt, he tried to win a silver medal with 2.28 m, but without success. Before Shankar, Bhim Singh cleared 2.06m in Edinburgh 1970 to secure first place for India in the men’s high jump category at the CWG.

With a personal best of 2.24m, Shankar finished sixth at the 2018 Gold Coast competition. Shankar, whose inclusion in the Indian track and field team was ordered by the Delhi High Court, has a season high of 2.27m and a personal best of 2.29m.

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