Bimbisara Movie Review And Release Day Live Updates: Enjoy The Fantasy Of Time Travel

Funny Fantasy Drama

Release date: August 05, 2022 rating: 3.25 / 5

Cast: Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, Catherine Tresa, Samyuktha Menon, Warina Hussain.

Directed by Mallidi Vashist

Manufacturer: Hari Krishna K.

Musical direction: M.M. Keeravani, Chirrantan Bhatt, Varikuppala Yadagiri

Camera: Chota K. Naidu

Bimbisara is a movie that has been pretty well promoted over the past few days. The film came out today to great fanfare. Let’s see if it lives up to expectations or not.


Bimbisara is a merciless king of the kingdom of Trigartala. He is evil and his only motto is to conquer kingdoms without mercy. But a curse changes his life and sends him into today’s troubled world. What is this curse? What is the connection between past and present? Who is Bimbisara anyway? To know the answers, you need to see the film on the big screens.

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Director Vashist makes his debut with this film and deserves credit for writing a very interesting story. The way he has mixed the concept of time travel with modern fantasy and emotion is quite good and offers the viewer a new experience. Kalyan Ram gets an amazing makeover and delivers the best performance of his career. As menacing as the ruthless king, he has shown a solid negative note in character from him. Whether it’s his facial expression or his regal body language, Kalyan Ram is top notch. He should also be commended for raising and supporting a risky issue.

MM Keeravani is another mainstay of the film and makes for a solid soundtrack. Whether it’s the songs or his BGM, the legendary musician makes the film perfect. Catherine Tresa is good as a princess. After a long time, Srinivas Reddy gets a good role and entertains the audience.

The first half of the film is excellent as the story is set brilliantly. The best part is the way the concept of time travel is established without losing logic. Situation comedy once the king lands is pretty good these days too.

The action blocks, especially in the second half, are used quite well by the director. The emotional quotient of a little girl and her bond with the king is good enough and evokes solid emotions.

The film has rich graphics and the visual effects are excellent, giving the audience an exciting experience. The second half ends on a very sensible note, leaving the audience in awe. Vennela Kishore and the supporting cast, directed by Prakash Raj, do well in the film.


The heroines of the film don’t have much to do with their characters. Samyuktha Menen is just a spectator in the whole story.

The second half slows down a bit once the twists are revealed. Kalyan Ram’s other character is not well received and more drama involving him and the king would have enhanced the proceedings even more.

One of the biggest downsides is the main villain, which is weak. A real Telugu actor with more intensity would have changed the movie.

Technical Aspects

Kalyan Ram spent a lot of money on the project and it shows in every scene. The set design and especially the camera work to show the kingdom is amazing. The songs fit into the narrative quite well. Kalyan Ram’s particularly pronounced dialogues are just great.

The costumes chosen for the king are good. The fight sequence is well choreographed and the visual effects deserve a special mention. The script is interesting enough for the most part, but it gets a bit boring in the last part.

He makes a brilliant debut as a Vashist director and is the one to watch out for. His strength lies in the script, because the concept of time travel is not easy to convince for today’s educated youth. But the director passes with flying colors and narrated the film sensibly.

The way he presents Kalyan Ram as the ruthless king he transforms is the best aspect of the film. Just when you think the movie is losing its grip on reality, a new twist reveals itself and makes things interesting. If he had filled the second half with more drama, the exit would have been even more intense.

Bimbisara Movie Review And Release Day Live Updates: Enjoy The Fantasy Of Time Travel Shift Learning - Latest News Information, Entertainment, Sports, Viral


Overall, Bimbisara is a well-crafted fantasy drama with solid setting and entertainment. Kalyan Ram delivers the best performance of his career and the narrative is captivating. Aside from a few inaccurate scenes in the second half, this film has emotion, action, comedy and good visuals that draw in the audience around it and end up being an interesting movie to watch on the big screen. Just do it.

Kalyan Ram always strives for versatility in movies. The actor-producer once again chose a unique concept for implementation. Kalyan Ram starred in and produced Bimbisara, the film claims to be based on time travel concepts and more. The Bimbisara trailer is interesting with mythological fantasy concepts. The film was released in theaters today. Here is the evaluation.

Bimbisara (Kalyan Ram) is a merciless emperor of Trigarala in 500 BC. Under unexpected circumstances, Bimbisara travels through time and comes to the present day, unaware that power-hungry doctor Subramanya Sastry and Kethu (Ayyappa P Sharma) are already waiting for him. What did Bimbisara travel over time and what did he do? The answers to these questions all concern Bimbisara.


Kalyan Ram had to appear as the same person in two different worlds. He lived up to the role.

Catherine Tresa is limited to a limited role and song. As a princess, she is fine.

Srinivasa Reddy gets an important role and has done very well. He reminds us of the comedy of the great fantasy films of the past.

Samyuktha Menon’s role is small and there isn’t much for her to play. Prakash Raj, Rajeev Kanakala and Vennela Kishore received routine roles. For a story like Bimbisara, a powerful villain would be great, but here the villain character is too weak and empty.

Technical details

The first thing that strikes Bimbisara is the graphics. Just like the trailer suggests a good job with the visual effects, the film did a great job on the graphics. Although the film had no foreign technicians, Bimbisara did a good job on this part of the visual effects.

Bimbisara’s storyline begins as a single line, but the commercial elements in the second half drag the graphics down a bit. The script is good. There are a lot of slow scenes in the second half. Cinematography is fine. The background music is very good, but the songs are ok.

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  • Frantic Climax
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Aside from Aditya 369, not many Telugu movies have the concept of time travel for a feature film. Bimbisara uses the idea of ​​time travel and mixes some commercial and fantasy elements.

The director skillfully made it simple with the concept of parallel worlds. He also chose a simple mirror as a means of continuous travel. A logical question arises as to why the journey is specific to two specific times, but the answer is only its relevance to the story.

There were some surprises in the first half that worked well. Although Bimbisara’s introduction to brutality took some time, it slowly adjusts to the story until the break.

The second half barely touches the fifth century BC. 2000 BC, because the story completely switches to commercial mode. Although the child’s feeling is tied to the treasure of a parallel world, it sometimes slows the pace.

The curiosity factor of the first half slowly decreases after the break, with the commercial formula approach dominating after each scene. The strong but weak villain remains one of the main downsides of the film.

There are few scenes and dialogue that immediately remind us of Yamagola and Yamaleela, except that Bimbisara has the theory of time travel. The gang of villains kidnapping the whole family to make the protagonist do things is an old idea that our directors could avoid forever.

Overall, Bimbisara is a story with a new concept of time travel that starts well but later slows down with routine narration. With the sci-fi story and the performance by Kalyan Ram, Bimbisara has a good chance of impressing the audience.

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